The award-winning mission-critical communications device is a full Tetra radio built into a smartphone. In other words, it offers the functionalities of both a state-of-the-art Tetra radio and a smartphone. Tactilon Dabat won the category of “Best evolution to future broadband” at the International Critical Communications Awards 2018.

Who uses Tactilon Dabat? 





To improve the mission-critical communications of life-saving and society-building professionals, what kinds of useful, secure and engaging applications and functionalities could you develop for Tactilon Dabat device from Airbus? Could you create an app that would help them save time, money and lives?

To succeed, you need to develop an app that fits one of the challenges below, or you can bring in an innovative idea of your own, as long as you are able to validate that users of Tactilon Dabat need this app for mission and business-critical communications. 

We are taking submissions for: Android applications 

An app that makes it possible to open/close doors/gates from either:


b. LTE > LTE

c. LTE > Server > TETRA
Geofencing included.

An app for live streaming; CCTV for example.

An app that measures TETRA signal strength locally (spectrum analysis). Optional – to be able to send or store the information somewhere.

Face Recognition

via smart glasses; communicating to the Face recognition platform via Dabat (android-based mobile terminal)


Android based mobile ID card/license card reading solution to aid the emergency services in identifying and clarifying the documents of individuals. 

Hidden/covert camera integration with android mobile (Dabat). E.g. Button-type body camera and its remote control via dispatcher. This is for covert operations where data is essential for H&S.

An application that allows national ambulance first responders to send information about the patients medical conditions. This will help the Doctors in the hospitals to access the patients medical records and help the first responders.

An app that can be used to statically (or dynamically) plan missions, crisis management or major events. The App displays the assigned missions, coordinates for the mission, who is a part of the mission, the leader, etc., with locked geo-fences to lock resources in place and send alerts if they breach the location.

Watch the five finalists of the Critical App Challenge Belgium present their useful, secure and innovative applications at the ASTRID User Days 2018.

Startups with exciting


You've already developed a technology that could help agents to save lives or perform better in their mission, and you're eager to integrate it into Tactilon Dabat.

Pioneering App Developers

  You have a proven track record of building or porting apps across platforms - iOS, Android, VR/AR, web.

Software development companies

  You’re interested in expanding your portfolio with clients from the critical communications, public safety and security space.

Existing Tactilon Dabat developers

You have an existing app for Tactilon Dabat and you’re confident that you can outperform your competition by taking on one of this year's challenges.

Fast-track Market Entry

Selected proposals will pitch in front of Airbus jury in Stockholm - exact location TBA. This is the sure-fire go-to-market strategy for professional app developers who want to advance past their competition.

Customer Opportunities

Airbus will help selected teams receive the clearance necessary to work with clients within the SmarTWISP development environment and make their entry into the safety and critical communications market. 

Coverage and exposure

Winners will be featured on the Airbus website, as well as in the developer ecosystem, granting you access to more business opportunities with existing Tactilon Dabat users. You will also be invited to large industry events to showcase your solution at Airbus conference stands.

Who can join?

Mature software development businesses that already develop apps for large companies, startups, and innovators.

What is the allowable team size?

Your company can be any size, but we ask that 2-3 team members attend the demo day should you receive an invitation for that stage in the competition.

What are the criteria for apps? 

- Innovation level of the app

- How the app is integrated with the Tactilon Dabat

- Benefits for user organizations

When is the deadline to apply for the online competition?

- September 1, 2019

If I am selected as one of the 10 projects, when and where will the Demo Day take place?

- September 24, 2019 in Stockholm - exact location TBA

Is there a possibility of travel reimbursements for travel to the Demo Day location? 

- No, travel is not covered by Airbus, but a video call can be arranged for any teams not able to travel. 

Where can I apply my application for the online challenge?

SmartTWISP Developer Programme

All qualifying participants are urged to sign up for the SmarTWISP developer programme, where they can access critical documentation about Tactilon Dabat. Participants are offered a free membership once they have passed the initial screening stage.

Become a SmarTWISP member here


Register for the online challenge here

(Deadline to apply is September 1st)


Sign up to the SmarTWISP platform here


Receive an invitation to the BeMyApp platform where you will submit a company profile and a video demo.


Selected teams will be invited to a demo day to pitch their ideas and present a live demo to Airbus and their customers on September 24th in Stockholm - exact location TBA.

Airbus is a leading solutions provider for or Public Safety, Defence and Transport, Utility and Industry (TUI). Tactilon Dabat is a hybrid smartphone and TETRA device launched by Airbus in the Belgian market to support organisations in their critical communication and public safety missions.

Learn more about Airbus here

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